The educational project and exhibition




July 2018


Jam Factory Art Center, Lviv, Ukraine


Tetiana Tsvilodub, Victoria Danelian, Natalia Synepupova


Authors of alternate magazine "SEEE" from the School of Visual Communication


2 lectures and 1 study-case from cultural activist of Ukraine and Georgia within the framework of the long-term project of Interdisciplinary Center of Art and Culture development “Dream Projects” (hereafter referred as DP Center) – "Mediation". The main topics of events were creative methods and cohesive thinking in art and design practices, actively used in the new contexts of the digital world; contemporary philosophical conceptions of the twentieth century; perceiving and analyzing of a contemporary art; peculiarities of communication in a professional cultural environment, especially in cultural project management and curatorial practice; communications in the international projects.

“Mediation” in Lviv was a part of an interdisciplinary project “MEDIATION”, which was initiated to study the problem of communication between cultural institutions, figures and their audience from all regions of Ukraine at national and international level. The project consisted of educational and visual programs and has been implemented in different Ukrainian cities based on collaboration between DP Center and local, European institutions and organizations.


  • School of Visual Communication
  • NGO "Dream Projects"
  • Jam Factory Art Center® (Ukraine)

Funded by:

Harald Binder Cultural Enterprises (Ukraine)