Educational project


New Me / New You


December 2022 - January 2023




Natalia Sinepupova

Educational part:

Natalia Sinepupova, Tetiana Tsvilodub, Vlada Roman, Nastya Manchichi, Anna Pogorelova, Lera Zagest, Anna Pavlenko, Tetyana Korniychuk, Nataliya Barva, Yulia Solovey, Dmytro Koptev, Dmytro Belopolskyi


This is an educational project for girls and women from the field of culture who suffered losses due to the war and need a chance for a new life. This is studying in the field of graphic design, visual communications, branding and management of cultural projects. A clear path to building a brand and launching your own projects.

This is your chance for a new life. In times of complete uncertainty, air and domestic anxiety, life in a state of war or forced emigration — in each of these cases we can help.

This project is for you if you have ambitions but don't know where to direct them. Or you simply lack design and communication skills. We will support you in both cases and even more! We will teach you how to develop a personal brand and launch your own project in these extraordinary conditions.

Do you want to start a new life? Join us, choose a program and get a chance for a successful professional future!

What problems will education solve?

  • You will receive psychological support and professional determination;
  • You will understand where, and most importantly, how to move on. You will be able to build a specific path to achieving your professional goal;
  • You will acquire hard and soft skills in the field of graphic design, visual communications, branding, management of cultural projects and basic skills in web design;
  • You will learn about completely new tools from the field of design and communications, with the help of which you will be able to create your own innovative product;
  • You will learn to form a brand and successfully launch any projects.


School of visual communication, NGO "Dream Projects"

In partnership with:

Ukrainian Institute, Ministry of Culture (Ukraine), Ministry of Education (Ukraine), Mentor School, Observatory, Progression, Bird in flight, National office of the EU program "Creative Europe" in Ukraine, Ministry of Digital Transformation (Ukraine), Diia: digital education, Happy Monday, Mind, Center of Contemporary Art M17

Funded by:

the Stabilisation Fund for Culture and Education of the German Federal Foreign Office and the Goethe-Institut

Registration for educational program: